Sensational Searching

Topic of study:  Implications for the GDPR of recent research into the relationship between privacy and information security, and governance to ensure privacy is respected

Search terms: GDPR brief review, privacy of data subjects under GDPR, governance of GDPR requirements, privacy by design, privacy and information security.

Let’s try Google Scholar ( first …

The first few hits for “GDPR brief review” didn’t look that promising, but on page 2 there was something a bit more interesting – an article about GDPR and the Cloud Computing industry.  This is listed on, which usually has credible and reliable articles.

“Privacy by design”, being a more specific search term, yielded better hits…

Clicking on “related articles” at the bottom yielded loads of interesting stuff.

On a general Google search, I found all sorts of useful infographics (in various languages), free to download and use, one source being at

Searching for suitable things will keep me busy for the next few days, at least!


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