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Concept Maps

A concept map is a representation of your topic in a pictorial format.  It shows relationships between different concepts.  Concepts are drawn as nodes (I have used boxes) which are then connected with labelled lines.
A concept map is a graphical representation of a person's (student's) knowledge of a domain. (Alpert & Grueneberg, 2001). Plotnick (1997) lists five purposes of concept mapping:
To generate ideas (brainstorming); To design complex structures (long texts, hypermedia, large web sites); To communicate complex ideas; To aid learning by explicitly integrating new and old knowledge; and To assess understanding or diagnose misunderstanding.
So how is this different to a mindmap?

A concept map represents knowledge.  The topics can have more than one parent and connectors, so the whole thing can be connected like a web.  It's a bit like multiple inheritance in C++ or Python.  Whereas if you are writing in Java, that does not permit multiple inheritance, so the…

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