We present, for your entertainment and education, a small video about the GDPR provided by Micro Focus - HPE Software. (This is the first of a series.)

It's perfectly okay to include videos, podcasts and TV broadcasts as part of a reference list.  It is, however, a little different from referencing books.

APA Style - The road to GDPR compliance. (2017). YouTube. Retrieved 9 March 2018, from

Harvard Style - YouTube. (2017). The road to GDPR compliance. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Mar. 2018].

IEEE Style - [1]"The road to GDPR compliance", YouTube, 2017. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 09- Mar- 2018].

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All slightly different, but containing the same information.

GDPR Threats and Opportunities

This is an e-book that I downloaded from, a company that produces automation software for running security audits, to ensure legal compliance.  Although they, and most of their clients, are based in the US, they will all still be bound by the GDPR if processing any data pertaining to EU citizens.  So I found this e-nook interesting as it has been written from an American perspective.  It comes as a PDF (I will be happy to send it on to anyone who wants a copy, please leave a comment.) and here is how I would reference it, Harvard Style - 

General Data Protection Regulation: Threats & Opportunities. (2018). 1st ed. Atlanta, GA: Rapidfire Tools, pp.1-12.



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